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Big Data Course Deliverables

Created with Snap Introduction to Hadoop

  • Identifying the business benefits of Hadoop
  • Surveying the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Selecting a suitable distribution

Created with Snap Parallel Program Challenges

  • Discover algorithms, data and information exchange
  • Big data storage and complexity
  • Dividing and conquering large–scale problems
  • Uncovering jobs suitable for MapReduce
  • Solving typical business problems

Created with Snap MapReduce paradigm

  • Hadoop distribution
  • Components of MapReduce jobs
  • Hadoop daemons
  • MapReduce processing
  • Selecting and employing multiple mappers and reducers
  • Analyzing time series data with secondary sort
  • Streaming tasks through various programming languages

Created with Snap MapReduce Customization

  • Data manipulation problems
  • Executing algorithms
  • Analyzing log files, social media data and e–mails
  • Partitioners and comparators
  • Network–bound
  • CPU–bound
  • Disk I/O–bound parallel algorithms
  • Dividing the workload efficiently using partitioners
  • Controlling grouping
  • Sort order with comparators
  • Collecting metrics with counters

Created with Snap Distributed Data Storage

  • Making the case for distributed data
  • Achieving high performance data throughput
  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Breaking down the structure
  • Organization of HDFS
  • Loading raw data
  • Reading and writing data programmatically
  • Hadoop Sequence File types
  • Sharing reference data with Distributed Cache
  • Structuring data with HBase
  • NoSQL concepts
  • Connecting to HBase from MapReduce jobs

Created with Snap Data Analysis and use of Pig

  • SQL with Hive
  • Structuring databases, tables, views and partitions
  • Integrating MapReduce jobs with Hive queries
  • Querying with HiveQL
  • Accessing Hive servers through JDBC
  • Extending HiveQL with User–Defined Functions (UDF)
  • Executing workflows with Pig
  • Developing Pig Latin scripts
  • Integrating Pig queries with Java
  • Interacting with data through the grunt console

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At the end of the course you will achieve

Why us?

Face To Face and Practical Hands on Training

Face-to-Face and practical hands on training with highly expertised trainers with over 10 years of experience with MNC’s.

Team of Experts

IT professional and consultants are exposed to large projects and work on Live production Servers.

Why BigData?

BigData is probably the best option for automated testing of Websites today. It is becoming increasingly popular and it is the first choice of automation testers as well as organizations for automating the testing of Web-based applications for both the GUI as well as the functionality. Selenium can also be used as a unit testing tool for JavaScript.

Importance of BigData

BigData is an open source tool and supported by a large volunteers of open source developers.Business Analyst has become one of the most popular automation testing tools in the recent days.Business Analyst testers are more in demand

We are technology experts and can make you ahead of your competitors

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Batch Starting on 18th December 2017 in our Manchester office

BigData With Hadoop Classroom Training

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  • Course Duration- 3 Days

BigData With Hadoop Online Training

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  • Course Duration- 3 Days

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