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Selenium With C# Course Deliverables

Selenium is the most widely used Tool across multinational companies. A Selenium Test Engineer is the MOST SOUGHT AFTER – Job

Created with Snap Introduction To Selenium

  • Selenium Components
    • Selenium IDE
    • Selenium
    • Selenium Grid
    • Selenium 3.0( Web driver)

Created with Snap C#

  • Introduction to C#
    • Installation of Visual C#
    • Setup Windows way
    • Creating first C# Program
  • Data Types
  • Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • Arrays
  • Objects and Class
  • Packages
  • Methods
  • Method overloading
  • Method Overriding
  • Inheritance
  • Constructor

Created with Snap Web Driver

  • Introduction to WebDriver
  • Locating Element (Web Elements)
  • HTML Unit Driver
  • Basic Webdriver Commands
  • Working with Explicit and Implicit wait
  • Working with List Box
  • Working with Alerts
  • Working with Web Table
  • Working with Action Method
  • Working with Different browsers

Created with Snap Testng Framework

  • What is TestNG
  • Annotation
  • TestNG.xml
  • Running TestNG
  • Test Methods
  • Test Groups
  • Parameterising Test
  • Dependencies in Test
  • Data Providers
  • Running Test Parallel
  • TestNG Listens
  • TestNG Reports

Created with Snap Automation Frameworks of Selenium

  • What is Framework
  • Why do we need Framework?
  • Different Types of Framework
    • Data Driven Automation Framework
    • Modular Driven Automation Framework
    • Hybrid Driven Automation Framework
  • What is Modular Framework
  • Structure of Modular Framework
  • What is Data Driven Framework
  • Structure of Data Driven Framework
  • What is Hybrid Framework
  • Structure of Hybrid Framework

Created with Snap Live Functions

  • Working with Chrome Driver
  • Working With IE Browser
  • Introduction of Modular Framework
  • Introduction of Data Driven Framework
  • Introduction of Hybrid Framework

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Why Selenium

Selenium is probably the best option for automated testing of Websites today. It is becoming increasingly popular and it is the first choice of automation testers as well as organizations for automating the testing of Web-based applications for both the GUI as well as the functionality. Selenium can also be used as a unit testing tool for JavaScript.

Importance of Selenium

Selenium is an open source tool and supported by a large volunteers of open source developers.Selenium has become one of the most popular automation testing tools in the recent days.Selenium testers are more in demand

We are technology experts and can make you ahead of your competitors

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