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Android Application Development Deliverables

Mobile Apps is the most widely used Tool across multinational companies. A Mobile Apps is the MOST SOUGHT AFTER – Job

Created with Snap Android App Development

  • Components of Android Phones and Tablets
  • Installing and Configuring Eclipse to Create Apps
  • Working with Simulator
  • Understanding Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Created with Snap User Inputs

  • The Android Input Method Framework
  • Processing Choices with Selection Lists
  • Adding Icons to Selection Lists
  • Using Sliders and Checkboxes
  • Using Date and Time Pickers
  • Responding to Taps And Swipes

Created with Snap Data Management

  • Embedding SQLite Databases in Apps
  • Permanently Storing Data in Local Databases
  • Retrieving Database Data when Apps Start
  • Best Practices for Data Management

Created with Snap User Interface Layouts

  • Using Containers to Control the Location of Widgets
  • Defining a Widget's Position Relative to Other Widgets
  • Overlapping Widgets
  • Using Table-Based Layouts
  • Enabling Scrolling
  • Pros And Cons of Different Layout Models

Created with Snap App Activities and Intent Filters

  • The Application Activity Lifecycle
  • Saving Data when Apps are Paused Or Killed
  • Using Threads to Run Background Services
  • Launching Sub-Activities
  • Handling Phone Calls
  • Optimizing Device Resources


  • Mobile Web App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Native Mobile App Development
  • Listing Your Mobile App
  • Promoting Your Mobile App
  • Java Libraries and Web Services
  • Interacting with Web Services
  • Third Party Tracking
  • Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Mobile & Responsive Web Design
  • Using Pre-Compiled Java Libraries
  • Connecting to Web Services (such as Google Maps)

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Face To Face and Practical Hands on Training

Face-to-Face and practical hands on training with highly expertised trainers with over 10 years of experience with MNC’s.

Team of Experts

IT professional and consultants are exposed to large projects and work on Live production Servers.

Why Mobile Apps?

A simple mobile app can make you comfortable more, to grow your business. Now you are far away from progressive in your business through a mobile app to establish and take your business graph up.

Importance of Mobile Apps

1. Massive chance to grow E-business
2. Get official interaction with customers
3. Easily meets the targeted customer

We are technology experts and can make you ahead of your competitors

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  • Course Duration-4 Days

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