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Python Course Deliverables

Created with Snap Object-Oriented Programming in Python

  • Extending classes to define subclasses
  • Inheriting from multiple super classes
  • Inheriting from mix-in classes
  • Adding properties to a class
  • Defining abstract base classes
  • Exploring Python Features
  • Writing "Pythonic" code
  • Customizing iteration and indexing with "magic" methods
  • Modifying code dynamically with monkey patching
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Raising user-defined exceptions
    • Selenium RC Installation

Created with Snap Testing Services

  • Testing best practices
  • Developing and running Python unit tests
  • Simplifying automated testing with the Nose package
  • Verifying code behaviour
  • Mocking dependent objects with the Mock package
  • Asserting correct code behaviour with MagicMock

Created with Snap Debug errors

  • Identifying errors
  • Logging messages for auditing and debugging
  • Usage with Pylint
  • Debugging Python code
  • Extracting error information from exceptions
  • Tracing program execution with the PyCharm IDE

Created with Snap Design Patterns of Python

  • Structural patterns
  • Working with decorator
  • Controlling access to an object with the Proxy pattern
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Utilizing the Iterator pattern with Python generators
  • Laying out a skeleton algorithm in the Template Method pattern
  • Enabling loose coupling between classes with the Observer pattern

Created with Snap Python REST Web Services

  • Python REST web services
  • Building a REST service
  • Generating JSON responses to support Ajax clients
  • Python REST clients
  • Sending REST requests from a Python client
  • Consuming JSON and XML response data

Created with Snap Installation, Modules versions and execution

  • Managing module versions
  • Installing modules from the PyPi repository using "pip"
  • Porting code between Python versions
  • Packaging Python modules and applications
  • Concurrent Execution
  • Lightweight threads managing multiple threads
  • Creating and Synchronizing threads using locks
  • Heavy-weight processes
  • Launching operating system commands
  • Synchronizing processes with queues

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Why Python

Many developers have also used Python to build productivity tools, games, and desktop apps, so there are plenty of resources to help you learn how to do those as well.

Importance of Python

Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive and object-oriented scripting language. Python was designed to be highly readable which uses English keywords frequently whereas other languages use punctuation and it has fewer syntactical constructions than other languages.

We are technology experts and can make you ahead of your competitors

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Python Advance Development Training Classroom Training

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Python Advance Development Online Training

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  • Course Duration-3 Days

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